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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Branden Zembower and I’m the new After3 coordinator for the Middle / Senior High students at Bedford Middle School.  I’m a life-long resident of Bedford County and graduated from Bedford High School in 2012.  After high school, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a concentration in Mathematics from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

I’m also an AmeriCorps worker at Bedford Middle School and lead reading groups throughout the day. 

I believe that all students are capable of learning and that each student has a responsibility to actively seek and contribute to his or her growth as a learner. I believe that students are innately curious and that educators need to shape instruction to best utilize those curiosities. I also believe that all knowledge is worth knowing, no matter how simple or unusable; that is, knowledge for the sake of knowledge. 

I look forward to working all students, and hope that I can make their After3 experience a rewarding and enjoyable time."

Please fee free to e-mail me or call 623-4200 x2123.