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Each night at After 3 the students spend an hour on working on homework, studying for tests, and receive tutoring in subject areas that they may be struggling in.  During this hour it’s not all bookwork though.  Students also have the opportunity to play chess, mancala, and other games that work the brain.  This hour of academic time provides great results for the students.  In last year’s program, of the students who regularly attended 70% of those students were able to either maintain or improve on their first marking period math and reading grades.

After the hour of tutoring/homework time we kick the fun into full gear.  It would take the rest of this page plus a few more to talk about the various activities we do at After 3.  Just in one week we have made milkshakes, constructed catapults, painted pumpkins, and performed a science experiment that involved mentos and diet coke (if you don’t know the end result of this experiment please try it for yourself, but just make sure you are outside).  As you can see from the list above there is a broad range of activities that the students get to experience at After 3.

Another plus with After 3 is that it is completely free and transportation is provided home at the end of each night.

 If you are interested in registering your child into After 3 please email Site Coordinator, Branden Zembower at [email protected] or call 623-4200 x2123.

Focus on Aviation

Aviation has been a focus of the After 3 program for several years - with students learning about the history of flight, aeronautics, physics of flying and even learning to launch rockets and fly drones.