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A student works on completing her project at Summer Camp
This great project was made during Summer Camp by a 7th grade student

STEAM Into Summer 2018 - enrollment is open!

Have you ever wanted to create YouTube videos? Make magnetic slime and elephant toothpaste? Make stained glass ornaments? Learn to do fabulous nail art or bake luscious cookies?  Learn to photograph and turn your photos into framed art? Become a sculptor? Create the next cool product or science fiction creature and turn it into reality using a 3D printer? These and more are offered in the Bedford County 21st Century Community Learning Centers STEAM into Summer 2018 Camps.

 Three, two-week sessions  are open to all Bedford County students who will be in grades 6-12 in Fall 2018. The Camp is completely FREE and transportation will be provided to and from your home schools*. Sessions will run Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Session #1 , June 4-14 will be held at the Bedford County Technical Center and include Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Stained Glass and Sculpture.

Session #2 June 18-18 will also be at the Tech Center and will include Cosmetology, Culinary, Stained Glass and a workshop called "Video+Music+Art=Audience."

Session #3 July 9-19 will be held at Everett Area High School and will include "Sick Science," The Art of Photography, Stained Glass and 3D Modeling and Design.

Download the full camp brochure for full descriptions and download the pre-enrollment form and e-mail it to [email protected] to pre-register. 

You will receive a confirmation and a full enrollment form to complete and return prior to your camp session(s).

Program descriptions

Cosmetology  – Practice and learn beauty techniques used by professional cosmetologists for nail, hair and skin care. Bedford County Technical Center teacher Cathy Melius will be the workshop leader.

Culinary – Explore the different careers available in the food and hospitality industry while gaining cooking skills in this hands-on camp. Want to be the world’s next Top Chef? This is a great place to start.  Bedford County Technical Center teacher Robin Sheeder will be the workshop leader.

Stained Glass - Perhaps best known in the United States through the enchanting work by Tiffany, stained glass was made at least as early as the Egyptians in 2750 BC and is now found throughout the world. You will learn to design and will create your own stained glass ornaments in this fun camp. Stained glass artist (and Northern Bedford site coordinator) Laura Fisher will be the workshop leader.

Sculpture - Michelangelo said it best, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Express yourself in the third dimension! Using materials such as plaster, paper mache, and duct tape you will be able to explore a variety of sculptural techniques while creatively articulating your personal style. Working artist Janelle Cogan will lead this workshop.

Video+Music+Art=Audience - Learn how to become the next Youtube sensation! In this fun camp led by Everett Area High School teacher, musician and videographer Matt Otis and Tussey Mountain High School teacher (and After 3 Coordinator) Nikki Gephart, participants will learn to make their own videos that combine video, music, photos and art to engage an audience.

Sick Science - Are you Ready? GO into the crazy world of science! Explore various areas of science by performing wild and crazy experiments. Did you know you eat IRON for breakfast? Investigate the world of Forensic science! If you love messy and hands-on activities this is the place you want to be! Workshop will be led by Everett Area teacher Leah Hillenbrand.

The Art of Photography - Photographer Ansel Adams said “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer”. In this camp, you will learn how to take pictures of everyday things in a new way. You will be able to find hidden beauty in ordinary subjects that will tell an extraordinary story. This camp also uses photo editing and photo transferring to creatively display your work. Janelle Cogan will lead this workshop.

3D Modeling and Design - Those who would love to design for science fiction and fantasy games and films, or create the next generation of machines, can get started by learning the fundamentals of digital 3D design. Utilizing a variety of apps, students will learn to build in 3D anything that they can dream of. These tools are used by designers, architects, engineers, and the film and game industries. The best designs will be created using 3D printers for participants to take home. Working designer Michael Corle will lead this workshop.

*Transportation will be provided if at least five students from a district attends a session.

The verdict is in - After 3 helps kids!

Rigorous local evaluations of the Bedford County 21st Century After School program have routinely shown lots of positives.

The program is providing academic, attendance and emotional and social support to its students - and students say it's fun, as well as educational!

Teachers tell us that most students who attend regularly improve socially, emotionally and academically in some critically important ways during the school year.

After school students annually show improved attendance in school and more than 80 percent who regularly attend maintain an 85 percent average or above in Math and English.

Parents are engaged in after school activities - sites average 70% of students having parents attend at least one after school activity during the year.

Students and parents both reported high satisfaction with the program. Staff reported high satisfaction with the program.

In addition, the implementation of the Program Quality Assessment system has brought to the forefront items that are proven to positively impact student engagement and ultimately academic, social and emotional performance. The system provides a way to measure and track individual site and program wide goals toward meeting these measures - and the county program consistently scores well above the national average.

E-mail the project director if you'd like more information about evaluations of the 21st Century program.

Bedford Springs - Hope For Hyndman
James Pipers Sword- NBC
Monacan Indians - NBC
The Last Letter - Hope For Hyndman

Want to know what bathing was like in the 19th century? Or how musket balls were made in 1780? Or how James Piper’s lost sword was rediscovered after two centuries? Or the emotions of a Civil War soldier’s family when they read his last letter home?

These and many other stories are showcased in student-created videos made as part of the Bedford County 21st Century Community Learning Center Consortium after school program’s “Bedford County Heritage Project.” Through a partnership with the Bedford Heritage Trust, both elementary and secondary students create short videos that are designed to help students bring the county’s history to life.

Students visit Fort Bedford Museum each year and teams chose artifacts to inspire their creation of 3-5 minute videos that showcased events or life in the county’s history.

“Teams work extremely hard on their projects and many show  extraordinary creativity,” said Lyn Skillington, project director for the countywide consortium. “Most have had no prior experience in working as part of a team on a longterm project, let alone understanding the creative and technical skills necessary to produce videos that could bring their vision to life and there are many excellent videos created each year by student teams in both our elementary programs (grades 2-5) and secondary programs (grades 6th-12th).

At the end of each year, winners in many categories are chosen to be honored at a "Red Carpet" awards ceremony, with winning videos shown to all county After 3 and After School students. Winning videos are posted on the project's You Tube channel.

Click here to see James Piper's Sword - Northern Bedford Winner, Secondary Division, "Outstanding Achievement in Creative Production," Northern Bedford County Middle-Senior High School